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FAQ - Customer Cancel Order

1. Go to login page

2. You will be redirect to profile page.

    -  Click on "Orders" to view your order. If you decide to cancel any order you wish to cancel then click on "CANCEL ORDER".

    -  A pop-up windows will appear and ask for confirmation.

    -  Please state the reason why you want to cancel the order for seller review. Then click "Yes".

3. You will recieve an email and the status of the product will appear "Cancellation Requested".

     -  We will notice the seller on the cancellation order.

     -  If the seller did not respond within 74 hour (3 days), the order will be automatically cancelled and you will received and email regarding on the cancellation request. 

4. If the cancellcation request approved, the product status will change to "Cancelled" and you will received and email regarding the aproved cancellation.

     a.  You can review the cancellation log base on your order.

     b.  We also provides the refund log for you as a review. Please contact us if you have any problem regarding on refund issue.

5. If the cancellation request is rejected by the seller, you will receive an email and the order status is remain process by the seller. 

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