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If in this Policy you see an undefined term (such as "Intelligent Ecommerce Platform"), it has the same definition as in our Service Terms ("Terms").

1. Introduction

Intelligent Ecommerce welcoming you to be a part of our team. Kindly read and understand all the following terms of service carefully before proceed to use this site or opening your Intelligent Ecommerce platform account. This to ensure you that, the user is aware of the legal and obligations with respect to Intelligent Ecommerce and also its affiliates as well as subsidiaries. The services offered through this platform including of the site, services provided by the site, linked pages, features, images, text, data, sounds, music’s, graphics and video, content, application or other materials made available via site or the related services. New features added to services are subject to the Terms of Service.  The terms of service govern the user use of services provided by Intelligent Ecommerce. In order to become a user of this platform, you must read and accept all the terms and conditions in and linked to all the terms of service. User must consent to the processing of your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy.

2. Cancellation & Refund Policies

  • If a Customer need to cancel their order, the following conditions will apply:
    • No refund of placement / application fee will be made after work has begun on your request.
    • If order is cancelled, customer will be charged RM 2 for cancellation fee.


  • If a Seller cancel the order, following condition below will be applied:
    • The seller needs to give a reasonable reason as a prove for the cancellation.
    • If the cancelation is approved, RM 2 will be charge for cancelation fee.


  • Buyer order may only be cancelled prior to the payment of buyer purchase monies into Intelligent Ecommerce Guarantee Account. Buyer will be given a period of 30 days to inform us on the no receive of the item before the money is transferred to seller. No enquiries related on this will be entertained after the period of 30 days given is over.
  • Buyer may apply for the return of item purchased as well as refund prior to the expiry of Intelligent Ecommerce Guarantee Period, if it is applicable, subject to and in accordance with our refunds and return policy.
  • Intelligent Ecommerce owns a right to cancel any transaction on this site and buyer agree that buyer’s sole remedy will receive a refund of the buyer purchase monies which paid into our guarantee account.
  • The amount will be returned back to the buyer will be paid due to the successful cancellation of the item including the RM 2 service charge.
  • Cancellation will be handled by Payment Gateway service within the Payment Gateway service period (Maximum 21 days). 
  • Special / Emergency Circumstances
    • We appreciate that there are sometimes special circumstances where a customer has to cancel for events beyond their control, customer and/or their agents are to immediately contact our office to discuss the circumstances with our staff.

If you need to cancel due to an emergency. We may ask you to provide documentation or any reasonable reason.

3. Privacy Policy

  1. Services included in this platform such as provides a place and opportunity for the sales of item between seller and buyer. The contract of sale is between seller and buyer and Intelligent Ecommerce is not a party to that or any contract between buyer and seller. Intelligent Ecommerce also do not accept any obligations in connection with any such contract. Party that involves in such transactions will fully responsible for the sales contract between them, the listing of items and warranty of purchase. Intelligent Ecommerce is not involving in the transaction between users. Intelligent Ecommerce have the right to delete any content posted by you on this platform. Intelligent Ecommerce unable to ensure the users will finished the transaction. 
  2. Intelligent Ecommerce have the right to modify, suspend, discontinue any part on this platform or the service regardless of time upon notice as per require by local laws. Intelligent Ecommerce will not be liable for any certain services which may not work correctly in the same way the final version may work.
  3. We have a dedicated privacy team committed to protecting all the private data we collect and helping to guarantee the proper handling of private data globally.
  4. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, process, and disclose your personal information, in conjunction with your access to and use of the Intelligent Ecommerce Platform and the Payment Services.
  5. Your privacy will always be our main concern and priority. In order to protect your rights, Intelligent Ecommerce have provided you with the Intelligent Ecommerce privacy policy terms in order to given an explanation on our privacy information in details. Users are able to understand on how Intelligent Ecommerce are going to collect and use the information which associated with user account or the use of the services. By using this service as offered from this site it will considered that user is agree on all the terms stated below :-
    • Agree for Intelligent Ecommerce to collect, disclosure, use or processing of content, user information and personal data as per describe in our privacy policy.
    • Proprietary right of user information is jointly owned by Intelligent Ecommerce and the user.
    • Must not either directly or indirectly disclose information of user to others (3rd party) or otherwise to enable third party to access your information, by not having the Intelligent Ecommerce consent.
    • This data is essential for the proper fulfilment of the agreement between us and you to enable us to fulfil our legal responsibilities.
    • Without it, we may not be able to provide you with all the requested services.
    • Account Information. When you creating account with Intelligent Ecommerce, we require certain information such as your first name, last name, email address, date of birth, and etc.
    • Profile Information. To use certain features of the Intelligent Ecommerce Platform, we may ask you to provide additional information, which may include your address, phone number, and a profile picture.
    • Payment Information. To use certain features of the Intelligent Ecommerce Platform, we may ask you to provide your bank account details.
    • You may choose to provide us with additional personal information in order to obtain a better user experience when using Intelligent Ecommerce Platform.
    • This additional information will be processed based on our legitimate interest or when applicable, your consent.

4. How information collected is used by us: 

We may use the personal information to provide, personalize, measure, and improve our advertising and marketing such as to:

  • send you promotional messages, marketing, advertising, and other information that may be of interest to you based on your preferences
  • personalize, measure, and improve our advertising


5. Purchase and Payment

  • Intelligent Ecommerce supports the payment methods as stated below:
    • PayPal (Debit / Credit card)
    • Remarks: Only accept payment via PayPal and it is subjected to bear all the cost charged by the service.
  • All price is subjected to change due to the expiry of any promotion even items are added to cart.
  • Item price must exceed RM10.00
  • Item price including of any charges are bear by the buyer.
  • Intelligent Ecommerce hold no responsibility and assume no liability for any damage or loss to buyer due to the buyer payment or shipping information entered by buyer or incorrect remittance linking with the payment for purchased items. Intelligent Ecommerce may suspend the transaction until such authorization is either confirm or cancel the relevant transaction where such confirmation is not unavailable.
  • Service Charges Rate:-




10 <= 5


16 - 100





6. Delivery

Seller should make the necessary arrangement of have the purchased item delivered to buyer and also provide the details to buyer via this site such as name of Delivery Company, tracking number and some of the related information’s.

Seller must use their best effort to ensure the buyer receives the purchased item within, whichever applicable.

In the situation, where the items purchased is damaged, lost or failure during the delivery, users acknowledge and agree that we are not liable for any damage, expense and cost. Seller and Buyer will reach out to the logistic service provider in order to solve the dispute arise.  


7. Seller Responsibilities

Seller shall manage properly and ensure that the information must be relevant like price, item details, inventory amount as well as terms of conditions for sales is updated on seller’s listing and must not post inaccurate and information which will lead to mislead.

Item price for sale will be determined by the seller at his or her own discretion. Price of an item and also the delivery charges must be included in the entire amount to be charged to buyer such as taxes. Buyer should not be charged by seller in additional and separately amount.

Seller agrees that, Intelligent Ecommerce may engage in promotional activities in order to induce the transactions between seller and buyer by decreasing, discounting or refunding fees, or in the way round. Final price paid by buyer will be the price that such adjustment is applied to.

Promoting sales of the items as listed by the seller, we may post such items (adjusted price) on third party websites (portal or comparison sites) as well as other websites (domestic or foreign) operated by Intelligent Ecommerce.

Receipts, credit card slips as well as tax invoices will be shipped together with the buyer’s parcel.

Seller will also be responsible to pay all the tax, customs and duties for the item sold in our platform. Intelligent Ecommerce cannot provide any legal or tax advice in regard on this. Due to the possible changes which may apply from time to time, sellers are advised to seek for professional advice if they are in doubt.


8. Seller Claim Policy

  1. Order with no confirmation of receive by customers will have to attach the proof documents of delivery upon request.
  2. Claim payment made will be transferred within 7 working days. Transferred will be made to seller registered account.
  3. Payment of non-confirm by customers will be held for maximum 30 days. Claim request can be made with tracking number as sated in previous point (2).

9. Your Rights

  • Managing your account information. You may access and update some of your information through your Account settings. You are responsible to keep your account up-to-date.
  • Rectification of Inaccurate or Incomplete Information.
    • You have the right to ask us to correct inaccurate or incomplete personal information about you (and which you cannot update yourself within your Intelligent Ecommerce Account).

10. Contact Us

Should you have any questions or complaints about this Policies or Intelligent Ecommerce's information handling practices, you may email us at the email addresses provided or contact us via phone at:

  •     +6012-283 6731


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