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Welcome to Intelligent Ecommerce! It's grateful to have you on board as a seller! First of all, please ensure you've completed the seller registration form.
  • Click HERE for more details about seller registration.
  • Click HERE to see on steps to sell your product.


  • Click HERE for more more details about customer registration.
  • Click HERE to see on steps to purchase product in Intelligent Ecommerce.
  • Click HERE to see on steps to Cancel order.


What happens when :-

Seller reject customer cancellation order

  • Seller you will have the right to dismiss any cancellation requested that is 72 hours the request is being processed or after you have arranged shipment for the ordered item. 
  • If you have shipped out the order, it is best for you to reject the cancellation.
  • In any case, if you have not shipped the order, it may be best for you to accept their cancellation request if they would like to modify their address or change the order option. 

Seller accept customer cancellation order

  • The order will cancel immedietly and customer will refunded from our system.
  • No action from you after this refund process.


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