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FAQ - Seller Sell Products

1. Go to Seller Login page. Fill in all the login information.

2. Click "Items" -> "All Items". Then click "Add New Item".

3. Fill in all basic information about the product.

4. After success fill in all the basic information of the product, you will be redirected to item information page where all the item setting is provided.

  1. Item Informations:
    - View all basic information of the product.
  2. Medias :
    - You can upload the picture and also url video of the product.
  3. Item Option:
    - You can set all the option for the item. (Example: Color, Size, etc..)
  4. Attributes:
    - This section will give a specific information about the product
  5. Item Promotions:
    - You can add the product promotion price base on value or percentage
  6. Item Descriptions:
    - Provide a description of your product to a customer
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